Afinal, o que é Marketing Digital? Em 3 níveis de dificuldade.

October 14, 2018

Hi, my name is André Siqueira, I am one of the co-founders of RD and today I'm here to talk about Digital marketing And talk, talk

I'm going to talk to three people here, with three different levels of knowledge in digital marketing I'm going to talk to Thierry, an 8-year-old who loves football but likes games I'm going to talk to Geovane, who is a Web Developer and I'm going to talk to Gabi Gonçalo who is the coordinator of Inbound Marketing at Dialetto [Music] So we start with Thierry Hey, Thierry, dude, man? Yes

What do you know about Digital Marketing? What do you think is Digital Marketing? I can not think of anything But you like watching a lot of people on Youtube right? What Youtuber do you accompany? All practically All? These guys, when they talk to you, for example, about something new, a new game, something new, feel like buying? Gives, a lot Do you feel like buying? These guys are using then the internet to help you buy something, help you buy a new product You should also be accustomed to receiving Email Marketing? Yeah, right

Open, click, interact? I'm very attracted to the title Depending on the title, I enter the email, and from what you enter into the email, is the content that counts Perfect I think you've brought a little bit more of what is Marketing Digital, in this context of relationship right? There's a lot I can understand, which is client wants, which is more appropriate for the time of it, I do segmentation appropriate to deliver the right content, to the right person What Digital Marketing today delivers more than more traditional Marketing, than you worked before back there, when you started a career It has the, the main point is the issue of Lead education or future Customer, right? So before you had to sweep, looking for that needle

in the haystack, to find who is ready to buy from you So today, you do a job of producing content, through the promotion, using digital marketing strategies, which is much easier than and you reach a lot more people in a much faster way When you want to buy something new, you will ask your mother look at price, where does it look? Usually on the internet She goes on the internet, she goes into some service there and some options There the options that appear there are also Digital Marketing, also has a company behind this, trying to position herself so that her mother buys from these companies

It is very common to bond when I go to make a purchase online and then receive direct advertisement of the same product, repeated While you're there shopping, interacting, eventually clicking is, there's also someone on the other side analyzing all this behavior, understanding where you click, where to buy, what is the return about investment, to determine if you do sense for that campaign or not and try to improve it right? So the Digital Marketing, has all the pillars, since the attraction that may come from Google, may come from a social network, may come from ad, going through conversion, by how it captures your email, how it makes you to relate Then, this relationship that is built over time often arrives at a point in time, and then the team analyzes the results to optimize The email, it does not go to one, to everyone, it does not exist anymore that You better send people down, and you know who you are with

talking, and speaking in a personalized way, than sending it to everyone So there are still many companies that do this type of action more generic right? But, the tendency is that this is more and more personalized, even because we have more access to data that we did not have before Perfect And not just email, right? We see a lot of ads and communication is extremely personalized, segmented and much of it is based on the amount of data we have So, all use of artificial intelligence, machine learning

Gabi, if it was to give a hint, to those who are starting to Find Out What Digital Marketing Is, Where To Start? What to do? I think the first thing, it's focus, right? Goal Where do you want to get Yeah, be very careful with goals right? So, use goals that are measurable, have a set time and the main factor it's test right? Test, test, test because Marketing Digital, different from Traditional Marketing, it gives that possibility, we test people and it's fast right? And I like to say it all the time, that I have a lot of good practices, a a lot of suggestions for Digital Marketing, how to use email, how to use Face, how to use a lot of thing, but in the end, what determines whether this is ideal or not, is to test It might be that you take everything I've said and throw it in the trash, because your has a specific behavior

Yeah, and everything changes all the time Everything changes all the time, exactly So for today, that's it We talked about Digital Marketing here, for those who do not knows nothing about digital marketing and is just beginning, for those who have already started study and took the first steps and for those who already practice and want to understand more, how it will evolve, how to move forward and so on This is the first video of this kind that we do here and signs the channel, stays connected to receive the next, who have much more coming there

Can I take it out here that's pissing me off? Oh, how agonized, my God

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