Comment gagner de l’argent sur YouTube 2018 – Stratégie EMAIL

October 15, 2018

How to make money with Youtube in 2018? One of the best strategies for making money with YouTube videos is the build your email list quickly In this video I will share with you 5 tips to quickly create a email contact list using YouTube

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So stay with me until the end Have you ever heard this quote: "Money is in the list! " I'm talking about the email list built to make money with your YouTube videos In a moment, I will give you 5 tips to quickly create a contact list emails on YouTube But before that, one of the biggest mistakes I see is not taking care of his email contact list

I think there's a misconception going around that says, "oh that's not important " Because the big focus is on having more followers on social networks, having more subscribers on YouTube But there is a big problem with that and I will explain why You do not have these means of communication, these social networks, Facebook, Instagram, Youtube We have already seen this happen on Facebook

Organic searches worked really well at one point, and then over time, from fewer and fewer people see your posts Even if they are subscribers, even if they are fans That means you can not reach them with your message And even here on YouTube, most channels have less than 10% of their subscribers watching their videos when they are released And it's a huge problem! Because if someone subscribes to you or follow you on social networks, that does not mean that you reach them with your message or your content

That's why I always recommend to entrepreneurs, Boss influencers in video to create a list of contacts emails Because it gives you the opportunity to go to the community you are building The tribe you build, regardless of what's happening on social networks, algorithms or even if a platform disappeared tomorrow In fact, all your presence on social networks is "rented" What I want to say is that you rent a space of visibility on Youtube, but this space will not belong to you never

While your email list is something you own And it's thanks to this list that you can make money on YouTube It's a group of people with whom you can communicate more deeply about the long term And currently on Youtube between 100 and 200 new people subscribe to our YouTube email contact list And that's organic

It's people interested in the niche in which I am and with the message that I communicate And it does not come from paid traffic But this is really just the list of email contacts And I really believe that YouTube is the best way to build a successful list emails It's email marketing, but it's also amazing and I'll tell you why

On our email list, 30% of people saw our content, browsed and opened the email You can not reach this figure on a social network platform You do not have any social network that equals the attention you get by email marketing And the click rate in the email was 3% That means that of all the people who opened it, 3% of people clicked to go watch the video, to see the content

And that again, the click rate on social networks does not come to these numbers, yet unless someone sees it in the first place and is able to click on it So I really encourage you to build a list of emails, as part of of your global online strategy But how to do it ? Let's go for the 5 tips The first tip for creating a YouTube email list is to offer a gift Council 1

Create and Offer a Gift This is about creating something cool to give to a person in exchange for his email contact In our field it's called "Freemium", "free gift" or "lead magnet" " And if you follow our channel Loumax Digital Marketing for a moment, towards the end of the video, I say "If you want to know more about YouTube, how to have 10 times more views, I have the pleasure of offering you free one-hour training, easy to follow, step by step So 2 important things here The 1st is to value this free gift

You really want it to be cool It can be an ebook, an audio file, a checklist, it must be something of fast that will have value for people who are interested in your field and your niche The second important thing is that this gift must be specific Give a specific gift to people to find out why they registered on your email contact list Depending on what you offer them, you know their area of ​​interest

So I encourage you to think strategically about the free gift you've had, for your community The second tip to create an email contact list is to choose an autoresponder Council 2 Choose an autoresponder These are services like MailChimp, Aweber, Infusionsoft, ConvertKit I currently use Activ Campaign

But I want to encourage you here You can do a lot of research but do not get stuck on that Because the most important thing is to start An important tip, if you start with a supplier, make sure from the start to be able to export the list of contacts emails and the information on the contacts That way you can change whenever you want

I started with Learny Box a while ago And now, I'm Activ Campaign And I love it I put a link in the description below for you to do your research and go see this app And in addition you can do free trials to test the features, see if it works for you, and if you like

You have different formulas: basic formula and more advanced formulas So whether you are a beginner or an experienced marketer, Activ Campaign is really fabulous Tip # 3, which is also the next step to build a contact list emails is to create a landing page, or "landing page", "lead capture page "or" squeeze page " Tip 3 Create a landing page You have already seen this before

It's a place where you can say "it's the free gift you'll receive " And if you enter your name and your email so I send you your free training And it gives people a way to sign up to be on your email contact list What is good here is that most autoresponders allow you to create landing pages So at the beginning you can start with the "landing page" or "squeeze page" which is available at your autoresponder

Let's recap the steps: you chose an autoresponder, you created a gift, you have set up a landing page Now you are ready for the 4th tip to create a contact list emails: get your audience to act, sign up for their gift and be on your email contact list and start earning money with your YouTube videos Tip 4 Incite to act I encourage you to push for action all your videos and always link to the content of the video This call to action is usually near the end of the video

So if you watched our first videos, at the end of each video I say "If you want to optimize your YouTube channel, I have a guide called" the 19 secrets to having more Views and getting noticed on YouTube »» and so it's related to the content of our YouTube video Downloading your free gift gives people the opportunity to move to the next level with you, and also to join your inner circle, your community The cool thing is that if they have signed up for your email contact list, you can send a weekly newsletter It's a new way for you to have additional views, to increase your traffic on your content, traffic on what you are promoting What we did on Loumax Digital Marketing, video after video, is constantly get people to take action and download your free training

And "If you're new here, consider subscribing" "If this video has brought you something, like it and share it" "To receive your free training, click here" And that's how I now have between 100 and 200 new people in addition on my email contact list Because we set up a video library that has a lot of views on YouTube, and this, whether I work on YouTube or not And those who sign up my email contact list say "I'd like to download her free training to go to the next level with her

I would like to be part of his inner circle, join his community So, Tip # 5 to create a list email contacts and make money with YouTube videos flows by itself: it consists to repeat the process again and again Council 5 Repeat the process Repeat it in the content of each video

Maybe you post a video a week on YouTube In each video you can talk about your free gift and joining your community or your newsletter or whatever you want to promote I really encourage you to focus on one free gift, build a segmented audience and just build one thing at a time Then you can expand as you did Expand and create more freemium, more lead magnets, no matter how you call it, to reach mini-tribes in your niche or community whole

So it takes time to elaborate and I do not encourage you to do everything from a stroke Stay focused on one But if you repeat and repeat this process again and again, that's how you you will build a list of email contacts of substantial size to be able to win money with your youtube videos If you want to see how to have 10 times more views YouTube and create a business profitable thanks to the videos that sell without having to sell, I have the pleasure of offer you free training, easy to follow step by step In this free training, I show you: Number 1: How to find 50 video ideas in a few clicks and how to turn the ideal video that catches the eye In 2: I show you how to create content of value, to captivate your audience from the beginning to the end of your video and transform them In subscribers In 3: How to optimize your videos and your YouTube channel to be seen everywhere on the internet And finally, in 4, how to make money thanks to videos that sell without having to sell, without having to make the seller, the commercial or even have the uncomfortable feeling of being loud

To do this, click now on the card that appears here or on the link in the description below Question of the Day: Have you started a contact list emails? What are your best tips for making money with your youtube videos ? Tell me in the comments If you are new here, consider subscribing and clicking on the notification bell thing, like it and share it with someone who might need it To receive your free training, click here on this screen

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