Como acessar as Notas Fiscais dos anúncios no Facebook | Dicas de Facebook e Marketing

Oops! It's OK? Today I came here to clarify a very common doubt that the staff has asked me a lot about Facebook's Tax Numbers especially for those who worked with a candidate in the 2018 elections the Invoices are obligatory You'll need these invoices to do the rendering of accounts of the candidate, OK! but the doubt is coming up now: How do I get these Notes? Where they are? Does Facebook send in email? Or do I have to access these Notes? Where are they? How is the operation of these electronic invoices? for those who do not know, already have a time that Facebook emits NF Electronics of the services provided in the performance of advertisements that is, referring to the values ​​you invested in ads on Facebook and it is precisely these invoices that are needed now to perform the accounts of the candidate or if you attend any company requesting the Nota Fiscal it is through what I am going to show you here that you will get the emission of these NFs An important point you need to know ACTIVATES SOUND AND CONTINUES WITH ME;)

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