Consejos de Email Marketing: la Entregabilidad en el Email

October 7, 2018

Hello, my name is Lauren Meyer and I am the Deputy Director of Delivery and Responsible for North American operations of Mailjet My mission in the company is basically help our customers to take their emails to the inbox

The deliverability of the email is essentially the probability with which the email of a legitimate sender get to the inbox in front of the spam folder There is a little of confusion between the deliverability AND the delivery rate The delivery rate is your ability to get the message sent from your ESP or from your internal MTA and make it reach the other side If you're sending to Gmail, get Gmail to accept that message in his system The deliverability is technically a step beyond

Once the email has been sent and accepted by the receiving party, does it reach the Inbox, it ends up in the spam folder or is it simply lost completely? The first thing you should keep in mind when considering how to improve your deliverability is to have a Clean contact list, who would love to receive emails from your brand Obtain the users' permission and determine what their expectations are, It is very important to create a list of interested subscribers Once you have started send your campaigns, it is highly recommended that you review the statistics to take a look at your IP reputation and the reputation of your domain Check your delivery rate, your bounce rate and make sure your spam rate and low are not eleavadas, since those are indicators that you are sending to users who really do not want to receive your emails Also check out your rate of opening and clicks to see if there is any way to improve engagement and get your customers interact more with your emails

The last thing you have to do is to learn from your results Once you have an idea of ​​where your strategy is failing, try to get to the source of your problems It is very important that you do not limit yourself to just saying "we have this problem" but really focus on how to fix it Remember that Mailjet is here to help you Our Customer Service teams and of Customer Success are available at any time to answer questions and guide you in the right direction on how to solve any problem that you can find

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