Facebook Groups, B2B Social, & Inclusive Marketing with Stephanie Casstevens | INBOUND18 AMA

September 19, 2018

Hey everyone I am back with another ask me anything session part of our special series that were shooting at inbound in Boston and today I have who's become a friend of mine Stephanie Cassstevens we kind of do some of the same things for those of you that are member of the Inbound Marketing Creators Facebook group or a member of impact elite so that's how we reached out to each other so we are going to be diving into you know creating online communities what does it mean to get engagement from communities and then a little bit more about inclusivity in marketing and what that means what we should be doing and then how we can future-proof our marketing skills which Stephanie presented on at Inbound so thanks for joining me of course thanks so much for having me alright so let me let's start first of all your the your title is the director of audience engagement and community at IMPACT yes I don't know I don't know any other people that have that title what is that why did you guys create that role yeah you know we actually created that title I played a part in creating it before I accepted the job so we were working on what kind of position IMPACT needed to fill the role that they had this space for so we wanted impact wanted to grow the community and scale it and you need to build relationships and build trust with our audience and we knew that our audience relationships are a big part of why our business is successful and how do you maintain that so Bob and I talked and he was like well I think it's audience engagement and I was like he said I think it was audience and then we talked about the community aspect we need the word engagement in there like just saying audience or we had like audience growth at one point, I was like no, so together we came up with audience engagement community and I think it's like the most true to me title I can I can come up with for sure very cool and so what is kind of the goal of your role or why did this role need to be carved out at impact yeah I think the role of my position is is simply put to make sure people love impact and like what a great job they have right but specifically there's a lot of elements that go into that so yes being part of our Facebook group and having a resource that's going to help you or educate you is very important but also making sure that we protect our audiences' personal data and that we're taking all of the information they're giving us and protecting it and taking that seriously there's a lot of elements to making sure that people love us very cool all right let's get into it then um what do you do to drive engagement in online communities yeah the group it's something that has always come pretty naturally to me like engaging with people and talking to people it comes actually it's definitely different when you're trying to scale it and in a community and I think what I'm doing right now is just trying a lot of things and seeing what works and I'm also finding that things will work for a while and they'll change as Facebook changes or the world around us changes some of the things though that I found that do drive engagement is just focusing on helping people I mean anything we can do to bring people together to talk about a topic or bring people together who are working in the ability of industry or like in your case of book in a snap like I love that because it's helping people who don't have the time to read that entire book so the things that are focused on helping people I think drive the most engagement in our group I also love getting to introduce people to other people that they may not already know so something like we do AMAs in our group or we call them conversations and we'll bring either resources or people into the crew Rob Dube I think it's a great example a lot of people at IMPACT elite haven't heard about him and he wrote this book "do nothing" it's all about mindfulness and meditation and I've seen like we've all kind of as we're all stressed out millennials you know started to like meditate more and be mindful Marvin it's it's coming from all directions and so I think it was a perfect time to introduce him to the group and no one really had ever heard of it that's great and that's like like you're saying taking what's online and really creating those personal relationships so it's not just like one too many it's literally two people absolutely I mean that's right when we do the impact show we do it live on Facebook because we get to talk to people in the comments in real-time and give people shoutouts and have a two-way conversation which is very very cool okay so that's really great to know what does well in communities, actually conversing with people I mean social and you know there was a time when you could post something on you know an article or whatever on your Facebook page and people would see it and they would click through Facebook totally squash that as did most other social platforms so how do you see building these communities or engaging at other communities creating that opportunity to actually get in front of people and converse with them? yeah I think that social media is just that big social for reason and I'm not incredibly surprised that they put the kibosh on must be able to just push out content now back to the piece of helping if I'm inherently being helpful I think getting content in the right part of a conversation is good but you have to start those conversations first and then bring the resources in as part of the conversation so I think starting a community might be great engaging in different communities or just being your resource might be the answer and sometimes it's not social media anymore I've seen a lot of great slack communities first getting popular and for us Facebook has been a perfect fit for our persona we identified the ideal people that we want to connect with our community and figure out where they were and decided to go there I don't think creating a LinkedIn group would've been great for us though linkedIn has relaunched a bunch of their group functionalities this past week so because LinkedIn I think was one of those those platforms that had a lot of promise when it came to groups but it turned into like spammy yeah definitely

It was anarchy like here's my link and and people kind of abandon ship and weren't managing the groups that I think it can be a really great place to actually build a sense of community definitely and I think in LinkedIn people are kind of inherently in more of like a business and even just content consumption mindset If I see an article on LinkedIn and somebody actually wrote something when they shared it that's I'm probably gonna read it you know some of my followers you sit in that actually is a huge part of it I think is writing some context for the content that you share I mean if I just hit share on that article you don't know if I'm sharing it because I think it's great or silly or stupid or if you can just like prove that read it know that I was saying that like did you actually read it, what in it is valuable why would I as you know someone who sees this link be interested in exactly something I think put given that context when you're sharing content on social is incredibly important and then actually being social if someone comments back to respond to it if it reads we didn't think then gosh if they share it ask them why right I mean I think that's something we miss out a lot on you get so much insight from figuring out why someone shared more and if they shared it and did say something you can see what they said like what a great article or this sucks Exactly, I Iove those comments

All right so you know join communities out there you guys and actually reach out to people, I mean this is how we met! so the couple days ago is the first time we met in person but you can forge real relationships and find helpful resources and I think my favorite posts and when I post is like I need help with this thing yes does anyone does this it has done this before does anyone have you know a resource or a tool or whatever to help me get through this problem and that you can't just post links about absolutely and even just had something like that the other day in our community is another type of helping host that I love is a friend of ours Emma in Italy she had messed up accidentally sent an email to like her entire base and she was so embarrassed she's like younger recently out of college she was like please tell me I'm not alone and then everyone's done this before and within minutes like 30 comments like I've been there I've done it people sharing examples examples of their apology emails how they got it and then I mean right after that we went into Dharmesh keynote about owning your mess-ups yeah so it's really a great place for help and resources and also just like general camaraderie like war stories yeah swapping war stories I know please make me not feel like a heap horrible human being or horrible marketer exactly it's so easy to get caught up in the moment of like everything gets ruined and then you can step back out of your bubbling it's gonna be okay and I'm not alone and it's like you mentioned then people were able to share this is how I dealt with the situation and a lot of times there's there's not blogs about that you're not gonna Google it you know spoiler if you get their permission then you do what I did and write blog about and take all the examples we did share a kind of very embarrassing one before, it's on the blog, check out the blog all right I'm gonna kind of shift gears from talking to online communities and I want to talk about something that I think we're starting to hear a little bit more about but the idea of inclusivity in marketing and diversity in marketing maybe for those that I have no idea what that is what I'm talking about what does it mean to be inclusive in your marketing yes this is the topic that I love obviously and I considered speaking about it this year at Inbound or submitting to maybe it'll be next year we'll see but it's like it's it's growing so fast kind of in the background and I think well that's great it needs to come up to the forefront a little more so if you don't know what I'm talking about inclusivity in marketing is generally creating things that can resonate with anyone in your audience like that's a real simple business easy way of putting it but also just making sure that the individuals consuming yours don't feel shitty doing it and so it can be everything from making sure that there's captions on your videos to using inclusive vocabulary and language maybe not assuming that a CEO in a story or writing is a man lots of different options there yes and then also you know when we're thinking about web development making sure that your pages are accessible to people that have a number of you know a number of different ways of having to take in that content of course I mean what am I like the most common mistakes that I see one of the most common mistakes I see is people will do a series kind of like you're doing here with the AMAs and they'll put blog posts out about them and they'll be like check out part 1 here and part 2 here and they just link the words here and I don't think what a lot of people don't realize realize is a audio reader that's gonna read that out it's gonna read links at the end and you're just gonna hear here here here here so if you actually link read part 1 or read part 2 it's so much more accessible to people who are gonna try to find those links brilliant um yeah that's great and I think I think we have to go beyond you know in terms of diversity marketing I we are seeing more people, more types of people, represented in marketing and I think that that is also really important but these other smaller pieces I think people just yeah and you know we were just talking about Rand Fishkin this book Lost and Founder which I am currently obsessed with I like read it and then listen to it and I love it but he talks about hiring and having inclusivity and diversity on the forefront of your radar because I think it's a big like we don't know when we don't know situation and people who aren't in our exact bubble of experience and life style are just gonna bring Ideals and perspective to the table that we would never thought of and also I mean there are numbers of studies coming from my social psychology background that teams that are more diverse just perform better they're more creative and they're less likely to engage in things like group think or you know make mistakes really really big mistakes because someone actually brings a different perspective to the table so it goes out what you project out there and also building a team absolutely so really great um I think that I think we actually have a blog post that's about it but maybe I'll link it in the description um alright moving on to a new subject I talked about inclusivity so your talk today, or at Inbound, not today thank god you were done a couple days ago definitely it's why my voice sounds like this it's been a few days we're on our last day that's why we sound sexy raspy

That's what it is so your talk at Inbound was about future proofing your marketing skills and I think we are seeing a lot of those doomsday articles out there that your job is being lost to automation blah, blah, blah and some of it is like click bait but what is it really that you see kind of you know true about these stories and and how do we future proof our skills for sure I mean the reason I chose that talk is people kept saying like are we gonna lose our jobs to robots like no but okay I'll talk about it and then also we you submitted these topics back in February and it's now September and so picking something in the fast-moving world of marketing in February that I knew I could talk about confidence in September was totally overwhelming and I was like I think I'll talk about exactly that concept and so when you're looking at future proofing your marketing skills, mine is specifically about like our own individual marketing skills, and the end of that title is from the rise of the robots and kind of the joke is like I'm not actually against the robots right it's humans and robots versus the problems and I think to an extent yeah have parts of our jobs are absolutely gonna be taken by robots and that is great like I don't know about you but there are plenty of monotonous and repetitive tedious tasks that we just have to do that automating would remove from our workflow and give us time to actually do the things that humans are uniquely capable of doing the things that we love I don't think anyone said like I love marketing because I just get to like comb through mountains of data about or comb through mountains of emails because I didn't set up proper rules for it or whatever I think about the small and so much of what we do is already automated I mean artificial intelligence has been around for over 16 almost 17 years at this point so yes it is on the rise right now in marketing but like our lives are already are artificially assisted or assisted with artificial intelligence I mean thinking when you go on Facebook it suggests a friend to tagging your photo like it's all over marketing is actually a little bit behind or getting there so I I'm excited about the future as a marketer and anything we can do to automate those kind of tasks we can do it more efficiently with more accuracy and I think as we get to a point where we're confident that machine assisted technology can do those parts of our jobs for us it's only gonna make us better marketers because we'll be better humans gets rid of the crappy part yeah that we don't like to do and then you can spend your time on the creative parts and the stuff that you work with a team to do and the fun stuff yeah don't be afraid of robots you guys it's good but what's our great well I think that we've covered a lot today yeah and I again you guys become parts of communities it's you will just see it even as an individual marketer – it's not just a place to grow your business but to grow as an individual marketer find mentors like we said find people that are in your situation and I think this aspect we're talk about future-proofing with your marketing and making sure that you're on the forefront of things these types of communities are the ones that are talking about like the deep stuff once something you know ends up in Forbes or something like that it is old news it's true we like IMPACT's mission is to help people and their organization succeed not just people not just the organization's but both and that's part of why this community is created in the first place and something we're really focused on right now is making sure that we are at the forefront of this information we're not waiting until it gets on to them old news sites fYI guys we're not as you know as cutting edges as you think but uh yeah um creates a good backlink oh yeah all right guys I think that's all you have time like I said if you guys are not yet members of inbound marketing creators Facebook group or impact elite get on Facebook to search it in your groups and we'll be sure to let you in send us a good note about like why you want to be a member like I read all of them it's not a robot that has not been robotized yet it's I like that I love it all right thanks you guys if you like that I bet you like this or check out this video and don't forget to subscribe

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