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Facebook mit Instagram verbinden – Interview mit Trajan | Folge 66 Facebook-Marketing leicht gemacht

Hello and welcome, dear ones made easy on Facebook marketing Today I have a topic that partly with Facebook has brought for you and we have as an interview guest today Trajan Tosev, who wants to tell us a bit more about Instagram

I do not want to limit the topic to Instagram, but to everyone Look at things, how can we do Facebook and Instagram together? link to here really that To get the best out of both platforms Because as you know, Instagram is part of Facebook and that's why it belongs to me together somewhere I'm getting a bit more active and so on that's why it's not all disinterested today that I'm the Trajan here have I brought some questions for him and here we go by So if you have questions, then you can ask them

Trajan is Instagram expert and take a look at his website He tells us how we do that Create 10,000 followers – because you probably know, from 10,000 we can swipe up do that – that's what we want that means many followers get it for three years we do that for many years got to know us at the online marketing rockstars conference in hamburg and that is already really long Well, if I think about it I can absolutely say that was great three years also tells how it comes that the instagram do and what exactly are you doing there yes so yes I have me 2016 somewhere self-contained so mid-2016 was that and you can do it probably also at the beginning because it made everything possible or many Do things like that until you get such a groove and Actually, I've actually started as a social media consultant or as a freelancer but have since pretty quickly determined it is difficult to position oneself as somehow I am fighting from now though a permanent employee so I was a social media manager at post so at a large company just and I thought that would be enough if I say yes, I worked in the post before that the people then on but I realized quite quickly that not so ball is that you should really concentrate on one thing and should position itself as the expert for this area and why Why this is now exactly instagram won it may be an issue on one other times but ultimately I focused on instagram and so did I've noticed again now that you can not say you're the one instagram expert or you are doing instagram marketing without yourself as well are certain to have success with this at the respective platform so the parallel here to us or to you are probably already given so you can not say it i show you how to facebook facebook grows or build a great website if you have 500 followers yourself or fans hate and something like that was with me that's why I'm in the last years or since I started that tried everything possible what work does not work all possible hypes you go around Just look how can I actually build instagram over but always build up with this undertone or always with the goal relationship then customers actually win the whole thing really with strategy and not just I mean you can go somewhere and that you sold and without tomorrow you have the 10,000 but that's not what you are Do not do that what I do but I really care to look at it how can we use this strategically and do we look at customers finally, winning is perfect standing that is a topic is at the end of one I ask you again how can you prevent on install I can still times with the theme of linking facebook and instagram when that makes it and then it makes no sense or what possibilities then we have to link that is an exciting question and has I honestly had to ask myself about your questions think about when that is actually the link and I have now first I think that so from two perspectives too treat or too See if you are strong on instagram but also not facebook many full of hate or small sat and now clarified if you visit facebook maybe strong and many riders did not have that many at instagram because I think we know that too from facebook or from others platforms it's just always when you do something like that treated neglected then not so much comes back so if we For example, this interview is okay, we'll do it now at the same time at instagram that means we just place the cellphone next door and transmit that at instagram at the same time should not end up us wonder if there is not so much over at Instagram or come back because people do not feel like they did it for me or I'm just being addressed but that's just going to happen somehow taken away and something like that, I honestly also with this link to the day at facebook i think people can do that pretty much Feel quickly and find out if this is actually for the particular one platform produced was created or just a cross or cross promotion or cross-linking So that again as a base then so there is technically speaking it is possible to post a contribution to instagram and then this one post automatically on facebook as well as on your facebook fanpage and this is again what I mean so we write different on facebook than we write on instagram so why is there all these images or all the hashtags and so on when we do that simply one-to-one with Facebook is naturally easy just took everything over that could make sense if you say yes I'm actually strong on instagram on facebook but I do not so much i want but that i still think that i kinda like that show by me and that there is something out of me that would be for example such a scenario I would say where I would say ok then post but that's what you at instagram branch poster that too maybe on facebook so that it was time for you to go out but so very One hundred percent is not necessarily such a strategy that I would recommend just handle we had already written a bit I have not yet terminated my business account at instagram resp We would put that back on the private account at Instagram because I do not linked my fanpage with instagram but a private profile that is, I have now actually linked the profile with instagram because I rather wants to share personal stuff on instagram and then automatically come on facebook and I try the video already said have not specifically on instagram so I have a maximum of three hashtags in there Not as much as I would probably want to grow on Instagram but it is still easy to consume on facebook and not so instagram only looks like and that works quite well when I get it on both channels pretty much good feedback and I'll do it that way I not only post over the post but also the stories and just to describe a bit of course, after 24 hours I am away I still did not really see the meaning behind it except that I did I really call it stalker the whole league but really me look at such a thing I get totally cool finland worldly Full of what I'm doing right now but I think you might as well have one again a bit more strategic go in that is just my application my Application example and I do that relatively intensively in the last two weeks you can say you can feel against them or or how do you see that maybe even the number of people actually from facebook too instagram come over yes I speak just synonymous of that certain is just so by this connection yes, for example if I have seen the right not all content also taken on facebook So if I've seen that right now, for example, stories in as video stories not taken on facebook and live videos also i believe not a few things that just do not go over to facebook and that means I tell the people that then they bonzen if they see everything instagram have to go because there is just the origin of the real thing would be I do that too so we have to have such an exclusivity somewhere Save on the respective platform because if I have your stories or then content can also be seen on facebook and where i follow you on facebook and maybe not so on tuesday then active if then I do not have it now had penetrated or so this is what happened what I actually on So do not see facebook so that's why I have, for example This link with the page withdrawn because I just on the fanpage on facebook my main content on it and should nowhere else its really the most important thing on there now would be me I was interested in Japan when I did that what you said synonymous has a few disadvantages what the disadvantages for if I do not have the business instagram account user and just this link to the fanpage So I'll see it the other way, so what are the advantages of one law so we know that from facebook so we have ours once private profile and we can share our profile we can set or order a facebook page and there you can For example, we see statistics that's what I personally am now The most important thing about the business profile is that I actually use my statistics can see and I'm rather a bit what I do not want to say now but I pay close attention to what happens pay technically on my profile for example how many people visit my Profile at all because it does not then calculate how high is the click through rate to the awkward of the bio I'm because I think that People finally click on the link and when I see how many people mine profile do not even say that okay clicks kuwait from so much percent is it good bad still sounds better than the other So such things then, of course, but I can each to the respective contribution also see the reach the yes impressions like many people come over the hashtags so then you do not have to expect more bring me the manufacturing or are really supposed to pay in what to see you make the production exactly the same things or you can ads will go directly to the instagram app if you have the profile or profile to have there are the most important things to have anyway I found that very exciting that it has also said advertising can not switch even if I have a private instagram profile but then people can not click on my profile if the ad I have the right understanding exactly so you can indeed so in facebook universe instagram so if we speak of the ads says another placement so who know whom that bunch of facebook facebook show manager you can do different placements select and there is simply a placement in the program for facebook that means you can say I want to display my ad on instagram too but if you do not associate that with an instagram profile then it will just yours the name of your page's name so its facebook page displayed above but I can not click on that means I see that really just as an ad and i can only click the link if you like deposited the exciting so you have to go there we have to think again make interview that go deeper into the strategies at instagram because I use it now solely and solely to build my authority and not at all to convey my content so facebook marketing is no or a very small issue with me on instagram because it is about that The people will know me better and the person behind the company and that's why I have it just the link to the profile what do you have so for tips if we now look at this link us what should we pay attention to what should not be done what should If you want to link, let's talk about it now technical aspect or yes exactly from the technical aspect what should I notice because facebook tries us of course in the business rail purely to push if changes have page and remind us again and again linked to the 4 but even if we have already addressed a bit so that synonymous We should be strategically aware that we are responsible for the particular platform also specific posts that should be created once for the platform so what should be with eight times the content creation but we can first go into the technology and then on the content is like so from the technology ago because you have to be easy fumble in the settings so a bit pure but basically there are yes the possibility either your facebook then instagram profile with link to his facebook page if you're on facebook on business profile or you instagram linked with your facebook profile and then you can adjust what goes out and when exactly that is just such a button because then with him when posting number must select and the stories you can either set so that they always go home automatically or that They really pro clip or per photo which you like the story posters as well normalschein want or can whether that should go to facebook or not the second part of the question is therefore because of which the strategic approach or what do I do on facebook what instagram on me of course that's the best so in your case even store facebook so this yes there you are the expert as you go rather on the topic of an actual facebook marketing and ins instagram do you want to show the private side so if you do that and make it so i can so what you think of what i am talking about now first guess is if you do that and or you do that then you do service or rather as an achievement for the people who already know me that means I bring katrin via facebook or i have katrin as facebook expert met on facebook or anywhere else and follow now at instagram to see what's really going on in life but if I had discovered you via instagram now I have you here For example, my story linked because I'm just cheering him if someone comes to you with instagram bitter he will still see that you Do facebook marketing or that you were an issue so accurate and so on further this is just the question what do you want synonymous with instagram itself quasi Positioning as an expert on the topic or do not you say that actually does as a service for the people who already know us already sometimes behind the scenery wants to be the first to unite my facebook friends on instagram also follow her, therefore those are the people who know me but what you might do now comes to mind where you are say that I say every third or fifth post any facebook tip with in between tusks or something makes that are so basically I say yes always that we should work thus categories I always think or work like this with my clients or Customer work is that we say what is your goal only how do you earn yours money so do you do coaching mask courses so what's your last sale finally ne and then we have to ask ourselves what conditions must be met so that I come to coaching or so that I buy the course So in ours the people should be us So, for example, people should build trust yes that's what it says off what you mean call for private side but especially but we should also offer social proof so say okay and he also worked with me and so on these are not too the categories you should each somehow discover for themselves and then to these categories each contributions then make superior rocket systems if you say one of my assumptions is that people are me know as an expert then you can say okay so there are two times the week any such facebook app or I post then in between what from my family or how I enjoy my free time spend and so on but you have the categories that ultimately on your aiming or depositing on your goal exciting how is that if I now have the categories that sounds very planned is I am not spontaneous at the moment and I'm on my way to take pictures because then maybe it does not necessarily fit into the grid after that Looks nice and helps on the whole eighth yes, many then that then every third post definitely then somehow already the topic has what yes nice is but that is for the planability very very difficult users or tools for you to plan in advance, or there are any possibilities yes so there are now pretty mild tools which offer something above all what this visual planning because at instagram i like this so you come up with a profile and that's the way it is direct but world involved quasi and many people actually pay attention that there is such a mood so that there is such a visual language to recognize that this red thread is to be seen somewhere and there are tools that are really structured or that work that way you can plan the postings visually first that you say there are the five Six or ten contributions do not have soon post the whole thing first and so on, the tiles seemed to move in and the whole thing first visually plan and then click on any post or image on it and then you can insert normal text so that you can on the computer for make an example and I would also velen in case the people I say Now or I do not want to bock every day with Tuesday to what is not now synonymous once a week plan then the Vehicles for the week and then did not do it and then For example, playing is like having a plan and then playing y then only one end of july one of the best known tools or later also so like later point com worked somewhere similar so ultimately so a matter of taste which is now better, so I am now plans but that one can do with these with these tools and then in the In the meantime, I have time to do more stories during the week So there I am, you will do what you mean, I just got one photo taken because she has just fit spontaneously that can actually be good in the story because it's really just such a snapshot snapshot or just a snapshot of it that actually in this whole strategy As you have not necessarily paid in pure then we can do it sooner if I did that's right now I've really got that this is the new one highlights that we can feed certain stories then the highlights so that you do not leave after 24 hours yes yes so I would necessarily use and that is not a good tip as you can imagine could if you have a website or on your website which menu point haslach on the website exactly that I would more or less take over and to make stories for it the week brings say for example this week make me sorry i am the un that makes that and this is a short one look behind the scenes blabla says that goes into the story first and then Do you make it a highlight and then comes up so that is that we are not very exciting what is that like with text photo I know the photo is extremely important that even the bag so that the graphic is tied to itself the photo how is that in the description pattern much text purely rather less text how many hashtags do we have to use then I'm so very much I had done sparingly already should I sit down right there and now work on the esch tags if I'm really more strategic want and want to get new followers best you can imagine it that way So both the photo and the text have their own task the task of the photo is or that citizen that the visuals what you post is that the people when scroll through the speed that they are on stay worth what I'll say first because either I recognize the style and I know that the kathrin is or something cool happened on the photo so somehow so the task of the photo that you catch the attention and say I stay here for the first time and then what is also very important are the first two numbers because we have yes in the newsfeed at instagram if only the first two lines of the text are displayed and is very important that we have such a cool headline here or something we have so catchy which somehow motivates people to continue reading and then of course I have to click on more so that I can see the whole text can and what ultimately brings to comment or what to interactions and so on, the text is clear when we're pretty are great photographers and have taken such a stunning photo then Probably the photo insight will lead to interactions too In our case, that is above all as independent freelancer coaches trainer consultant we are not a trained photographer of course now We do not have any photos that are breathtaking but we can with you then captivate the text and tell a cool story here give tip and then always ask a question at the end so that the code in this custom come to exchange and give an answer to it I think that you have to write a novel like that now but so that the people first have the feeling okay that excites me somehow to think about or give me something valuable that is cool and thanks, I also want to respond to it because I'm back actually write a lot under the picture but then I read that I think so and now so what does that have to do with me now or what should I say that now, so we always have to try it somehow to get the curve and finally the ornaments cause a question people to interact on facebook so close so also in every post I have a question in it from that fits so well exactly so Sorry I wanted to add that in the quote At facebook you can finally work with instagram too Transfer that is the good thing only one then you can find out all these principles actually transferred somewhere else, mister are exactly what I have to so it is The thing is the manufacturer support so you can get one on each one case I would say in the beginning are the maybe more meaningful or bring more than we just hard because somehow currently hate the recommendation of instagram and what I am so read and any studies that were made so between 11 to 15 hashtags so that is optimal you can stay until the 30th hashtags use at instagram and I have myself I do it all the time any tests you probably do that so you always say so Tried I make contributions without hashtags vehicles with two slopes like 10 hashtags or 30 holds is stuck and what ultimately found is that if we are actually in these 10 11 hashtags that's there So that will be totally confusing now if you do not feel that way at all but know the likes while less that means if i have less hashtags user I get less aleix but at the range does not happen that way So since I can see in the statistics so what brings me from one of the range of the range and there is the range now so there is no Big difference if I have 30 years or have ten hashtags times at 30 hashtags i have more reach through the hashtags i have at ten hashtags more reach through the hashtags i think tuesday one is like that they have come so far that they are looking for a contextual search or something like that can classify all better and say at 30 hashtags it can not be that to the 30 has found exactly to this topic fit and you'll probably see that as spam then and then you walk even danger nowhere to be displayed and yes, in the style of the hashtag, I usually have the problem that most of them are English we have to but we want German follower from there, there is somehow in the list because I actually have many many manufacturers in the field and then just for one click manufacturer and look what beats instrument because to this hashtag because every manufacturer instagram has such a kind of similar r the users in connection with this manufacturer use that is always Such a cool search function that is if there is also a tool that something but I find what tuesday if actually offers as a supplement is actually quite cool that means if you for example the hashtag what not enter independently and click on the hashtag then you come up its on a search page to this nashtec and then it will stand up so if you Pay attention to Instagram hashtags similar and then you have something like entrepreneur or what i know so hashtags the with this manufacturer in The users also use the matter i just mentioned if you less if you have more manufactures you have more likes and that is simply because it instagram because this box is so tools which are adjusted so that if you like the 11 who independently uses that this study automatically gives a like and that's why it is logical that if you have less manufacturers more hashtags that you also get more such leaks and that's why yes, because it gives you an information 3 and sf has shown a photo or like your photo or see you see in your notifications Son so has your photo geliked and think so if that appeals to the name or if I jump in the profile picture or say who is that you get there on it and then you come on the profile of the persons who did that and am So that is now a way to win fans whether that makes sense or not I wonder, but what would be a tip to start new to get follower what could be done now i know we could probably talk about it for half an hour alone the best way i can describe this is what you can do what you are into the notification notifications of the people brings what are the notifications so yes if we all know well from facebook to Sun when you open instagram, there are a few dots below and one of them is this little heart where you can see what's on his profile happened and is the yes and has commented on your photo the the like a photo what calculator that means everything you'll do all around However, in this notifications, your potentiate will bring you In the end that means I would sit down and say what the five hashtags my target group uses or my target group uses for if So independently depending on what a theme eat so I would be five hashtags to find out who does not necessarily know that these are huge For example, I would not go and say and a bit is because that's just way too big but a hashtags who For example, my coach is underlined de so there you are only those who are on instagram together until just this one hashtag use and if you say and my target audience are more likely to mamis the business then this is your first stop then I would go and me with these in these things that I rule for this see licon given if the person wants to follow me like that what the So person makes you grow into the community so to speak and start to interact to make comments to give off likes this is one of the best or the fastest ways around, for example at least from the beginning to see growth we can do the same with profiles, that is you could you think over what are mine I do not want to say applicants now but what the people are the similar audience like me and there you can go and say for example every time these people publish a post I leave it to me turn on notifications because you can do that with instagram I could eg adjust that every time you post that a notification and because I know you finally got that has audience or that the people are particularly active with you, I think if I'll comment on you then if that looks like the others and I will This probably also makes such qualified followers get the goat on my subject we also have a disposable so that would be me Do not do it now just to have it in advance is very important so there would be I when you think of yourself when you think that you make sense in the communication or but you can not add that to the conversation Devil come out and not that comes over that the person thinks what I want it here now from me or what do you want from me so you have to be a bit be natural, but pay attention to everything in the end interaction has to do so everything was so as I said in the indy Neighborhoods get exciting with the people so that's something I do definitely has to do more active in the interaction because I have me for instagram not so much time yet is definitely now one of the things from here I take with me from this interview on the other hand, I will leave this link private for the first time because I believe I will post from the topics really first personally but I'll use hashtags so now I'm going to do the research and I can then see what I can do on my profile when it's on the profile then appears in retrospect edit and manufacture also take out so that it does not look like it is now directly for instagram made exactly what i think for that me then Probably now test what you could do so well yes, there is also this function the hashtags in the first commentary and here's the instagram community totally zwiegespalten the one say there is no way because that prevents the range but there you one private profile actually do not fit at all you can already see The range with the hashtags you have what you could theoretically do easy to say okay I'll do it then at first day so finished the text there goes out is synonymous of facebook so then I post but the hashtags at instagram in the first comment exactly that too i have I have tested synonymous here no major differences noted in the range I believe that the reach really is not end of life So the customer depends on the hashtags so the manufacturing will just start overvalued and that the clear beginning is a cool option so well to get a bit more visibility but that is now let's say so if you just did not grow at instagram it was or was it is probably not on the hashtags we say it ok so very good So probably the interaction that will be important to know and of course regularity that's something I'm working on but I will definitely be better then you have something we have forgotten now, in fact so I could actually talk about it tomorrow by clear content strategy what you can do with instagram in the end as I said many of the So these fundamental principles are so from the community make ask questions and so on, you can even do that if you can facebook can also do more or less on instagram you just have to think about what is my strategy what I want to achieve exactly supercool So I found that very exciting I will definitely come back one more time bit of strategic instagram look like i said i think so works very well just because it is another time reach has as a facebook part and we have another exchange so I notice that there are really less friends or I lost that we did not happen anymore and that's all exciting because of that, of course, I want to use the same and this range wants I pass on to you with as little time as possible that's why we have also spoken of this link and of course a little time too save three years where can we find you when we are So I'd like to know more about instagram drop by 3 and point tosic is my username or just my name website klassikcom there are all sorts of conditions and blog articles and videos are what I do there so everything just like to start and look what appeals to you about it or what does not bring supercool many thanks to Rahn and everyone who is watching and listening please let me know if I'm interested in the topic if we still jump deeper into instagram with another episode on this topic Of course that was already the combo facebook instagram but if you like that interested then we like to hop in a bit deeper and then which theme instagram is not that big, for example Also iptv a bit irritating you go and I thank you very freely years has been a lot of fun very much I like that sometime very much fun flank already great until then and see you

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