Hassle-free orders in dropshipping: Follow Up Emails

October 6, 2018

How can you get more orders without extra effort or expenses and build meaningful relationships with your customers? Today we are going to talk about the functionality and advantages of automated email sequences called follow-ups! Hi everyone! That’s Anna from “Dropship Club” and from this video you’ll learn 5 steps to get sales with emails for free! So, after you follow all our instructions you’ll find a fast, flexible and cost-effective way to reach new customers and retain the existing ones Let’s start with the example of letters that our customers receive after providing us with their email addresses! This is what they look like

What design and texts to choose? You are actually not restricted by any boundaries Everything depends on your imagination, skills, chosen niche and your target audience How do you like our emails? It’s not too hard to compose them on online platforms so don’t be afraid of the technical part Moreover, our team could help you with your first emails check our services on dropshipclub website

If you want to start using email marketing in your store promotion, you need to make up traffic ads, upgrade your online store with add-ons, collect all the emails, compile your email lists and email messages themselves on special platforms and lastly get your easy profit! Right now we will give you brief instructions based on our own experience You can also find the complete guide in our blog on DropShipclub In this video I’m not getting deep into setting everything up, but we will still get a quick look at every step Register at Mailchimp

com, create a list and its follow-up sequences Use different templates, check the newsletters of other shops for inspiration Create an OptinMonster account, make pop-ups that will collect emails at your site Integrate Mailchimp into the pop-up subscription field to direct all the collected emails straight to the Mailchimp list you choose Upload OptinMonster add-on to your dashboard and activate it

Check if pop-ups are displayed correctly You need to create several ads targeted at your potential clients using Facebook Ads Manager You don’t need to spend too much on these A boosted publication with a teaser to your blog post will generate some really cheap traffic Users visit your site, see your luring pop-ups and leave their emails

As for us, we collect from 15 to 50 emails every day Once a user gets to your mailing list, Mailchimp starts sending follow-ups one by one at some intervals and the user will get emails from your store for three months or more Done! We also have follow-up sequences for our cart-abandoners and previous customers But in this case we have to compile email lists manually Everyday we open Google Analytics to see what channels bring us our customers, and emails perform really well

Now it’s high time to discuss pros and cons of follow-ups that we’ve learned from our own experience Of course, this type of email marketing has even more advantages, but right now we are going to talk about those we like most of all The process of integrating and setting everything up is not difficult, it takes some time at the very beginning, but you won’t have to control it every day After all, it saves your time, because clients will receive your messages according to your own content-plan Thanks to this type of emailsб you will be able to remind clients about your store and provide your repeat customers with special coupons and offers

This really works if you manage your lists and make personalized emails for your customers, for example Actually, you don’t need to have any special skills, because all of these platforms provide you with templates and designs which you can always customize and test And yes, compared with some other channels, your results can be easily measured in web analytics software I hope that you are encouraged about creating your emails and starting using your channel right now However, I need to mention several disadvantages

They are not so serious Frankly speaking, it was a bit difficult to create a list of disadvantages for you When you are constantly testing and analyzing what you’ve done, you just stop making mistakes and everything works great We had a hard time brainstorming the content-plan for our future emails Also, we had to write several blog posts with some really interesting information that is interesting to our target audience, because you shouldn’t irritate your customers with strictly commercial emails

There is a slight risk to get into your addressee’s spam box Blend emails with some entertainment If you are at the very beginning of your dropshipping journey and don’t have enough organic traffic yet, you need to buy it and create ads Be ready for disappointment if your first email doesn’t bring you any sales Just like the majority of marketing tools, emails have the delayed effect

I hope, you’ve found this video useful You’ve seen that making emails is not so hard, but if it feels like you don’t have enough skills or time, check out our services Probably, right now you are thinking about subscribing to our emails We’ll be glad if you do that Simply register on our website dropship

club to get our emails I also invite you to become a subscriber of our Dropship Club channel and Facebook page Leave your questions in the comments See you!

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