How To Earn Passive Income In 2019 With Affiliate Marketing! (With Odi Productions)

– How's it going today guys, welcome back to the channel here So I am here in California, with Odi, ODi Productions

We're hanging out, shooting some videos here with some creators out in California So there's gonna be a couple videos like this coming up on the channel But what ODI does is affiliate marketing, and so in this video we're gonna be talking about the most basic things you need to know about affiliate marketing So why don't we go ahead and start by maybe telling about your story and what it is that you do – Okay, for sure

Well, thank you, Ryan, for having me on the channel – Absolutely – I really appreciate it – Thanks for coming on – Thank you

Welcome to San Diego – Beautiful place by the way It's totally different from New York I've never actually left the time zone of New York – Really? – Yeah man, I've been to Canada once, but other than that I've done very little traveling

So this was really cool to come out here and, it's like the first time experiencing a time zone shift – Uh huh – So that's been kind of an interesting experience – Okay, welcome! Well, I'm born and raised in San Diego so I grew up not far from here where we are right now And I'm 25 years old today, and I guess my story really starts kind of like when I was 19 years old

So it was about six years ago, and I was starting college, right? And I was looking into different ways to basically make money online You know Like a lot of the kids today are interested in doing And I read this book called Millionaire Fastlane by MJ DeMarco And it really changed my idea of working

Because that one video you made, that was about, you know, changing your time for money? – YesYep – I learned that from that book And as soon as I learned exchanging time for money is a losing game, specifically you know the traditional model of working a job, working 40 hours a week, 60 hours a week, 80 hours a week plus, that's when I started to look into ways to make passive income – Right, instead of trading your time for money

– Exactly!Exactly – For me it was, I learned that from Rich Dad, Poor Dad while I was at my job I used to read in the parking lot on my, I would get a 15 minute break and I had exactly three minutes to get back and forth so I knew I had 12 minutes to read and I'd read like, five or six pages, and I can remember that moment when I learned like, oh my gosh, I'm making active income, this sucks – Yes Yeah

– So, there's like that lightbulb in the head moment and you're like okay, this is not the way to be doing things – Exactly So I learned that lesson at the relatively young age of 19, and I'm super grateful for that Because if it wasn't for that, I definitely would not be where I am today But basically, once I learned about passive income, I started to look at ways to create these systems, and with online business, with digital products, you can create systems that work without you working actively

So, if you create something, let's say a digital product, you know, it could be an ebook, basically you only have to make it once, and you can continue to generate income from that for years to come So once I got that idea I just got hooked on the idea of passive income, and that is what led me to affiliate marketing And I saw this one guy, his name is Pat Flynn, he has this blog called Smartpassiveincomecom – I remember I used to watch some of his videos at my job, I had a lot of downtime and I would try to get ideas, so

– Yeah – So I love his videos It's really good for passive income ideas

– Exactly And he has a great podcast, Smart Passive Income podcast, and from looking at this, and then from reading Millionaire Fastlane, I started to realize that for me, affiliate marketing was the best online business model Because at the time, you know, obviously e-commerce was around as well, and I just didn't like the idea of having to work with physical products I like digital stuff, you know what I mean? And I saw that Pat was earning all this affiliate commission from working with digital web services, such as email marketing software And so basically, he was getting paid for posting links

Now, affiliate marketing at its core is just referrals I like to think of it as just making referrals, making recommendations to people, and then earning commission if somebody takes you up on your referral and then ends up purchasing that product So the biggest companies today use affiliate marketing, Amazon has an affiliate program called Amazon associates, Tesla has affiliate marketing, Nike, Adidas, Sephora, Bose, you name it If you look up a company and add affiliate program or affiliate to the end of it on Google, chances are you are going to find an affiliate program for most of the big companies today So affiliate marketing is a very old business model that's been around, but it's just not as mainstream, which is why I'm glad to be featured on you know, your channel and being able to kind of spread the word about affiliate marketing as a viable business model today

– Yeah, it's kind of interesting too, because I find that everybody starts their search with oh I wanna earn passive income, and I just did a video talking about passive income on my channel and the best ways to do it, and like, in terms of the most passive business, affiliate marketing is number two next to dividends Dividends and income from the stock market is completely passive, but you have to have money to make money – Mmhmm – And like, if you're looking for something where you don't have to have money to make money, then like number two in my opinion, as well as affiliate marketing, – Yeah – And I just started dabbling with this myself, I mean I've done it with Amazon affiliate links which isn't the best way to do it

– Yeah – Because the margins are pretty low – It's very low – But um, with this blog that I'm working on, it's the first time I'm earning good commissions from affiliate marketing, and it's like one of my favorite experiences to like open up my email and just be like, oh I made money yesterday! – Yeah, exactly – I had no idea, I wasn't working

You know? – Exactly, yeah I love affiliate because it's a win-win-win business model for everyone, because as an affiliate, you get to promote real companies, so if I'm a fan of Bose, you know, their headphones or their speakers or whatnot, then I'm going to recommend it to my friends Now the fact that I can make commission off of that, you know, it's a plus for me, but the consumer wins as well, because Bose is a great company and they make great products And then the company wins because obviously, you know, they're selling more of their products They may take a little bit less profit margin because of the commission that I earn, but they're still coming out on top, because of the beginning profit margin they had to begin with

So it's a win-win for everyone, for the company, for the affiliate, and for the consumer, the end consumer One thing I don't like about some of the business models out there today is that basically you're selling cheap products So if we're talking about, you know, drop-shipping for example, a lot of the stuff you're selling is gonna be generic – Right – It's stuff that people get from China, they get it for cheap to sell for more

And what's different about affiliate marketing is I get to promote stuff I actually like, stuff I actually use – I think as well, too, with drop-shipping, a lot of people like, one of my thoughts behind drop-shipping is a lot of people drop-ship out of China, and like I think people are going to go through maybe a handful of experiences of that, like six to eight week wait times to get your package, and then they're gonna be trained like okay, you know what, maybe this isn't something I wanna do again, but when you're recommending good businesses and things that are gonna not take eight weeks to show up, people are probably going to go through that experience again because it wasn't that bad an experience – Yeah – But sometimes with people who drop-ship the wrong way, and drop-ship out of China, it's just not really a good experience for that customer, – Exactly – And they're not gonna be a repeat customer

So it's kind of like, at what point is everyone going to have gone through that experience and say like, okay, I'm not doing this anymore – Yeah – You don't really have that with affiliate marketing, and the other thing that's cool too, like you touched on, is so many businesses do it, you could pretty much, even if you literally, even if you were in a certain niche for affiliate marketing, and let's say it dried up, you could pretty much just pivot into a different niche at the end of the day, right? – Yeah Because affiliate marketing at its core is just marketing, you know, if you take away the affiliate aspect of it, so when you learn the skills of marketing I mean it levels you up as a businessperson overall So you can take those skills, and let's say you start off with affiliate marketing, because it's a relatively low-investment business to start up

You can start for free You can start with a hundred bucks or less So it's a really easy business model to get into, regardless of your budget, or your background, or whatever So once you build it up, and you have this passive income source in the background, you can take your skills and move onto other businesses as well It doesn't have to be sort of like the end, it can be, you know, the beginning business model for you, it doesn't have to be sort of like your endgame

– Definitely You could use that to free up your time And then if you wanna go out there and teach, maybe you wanna just do things, let's say you wanna go donate your time – Yeah – That's making you money by, it frees up your time so you can do other things you wanna do, or if you're like Odi you start other businesses with your free time because affiliate marketing is providing enough for you to have a good living and that you're able to put your creative juices to work wherever you want to

– Exactly Exactly Yeah So, in gist, I mean, that's it It's just referrals

You see it in links in Youtube all the time Anytime somebody does a tech review, like this is how I got started with affiliate marketing – Yeah, I was wondering too, if you were gonna share what was your first, and even if it was a failure or if it worked what was your first attempt at affiliate marketing? – So my first attempt with affiliate marketing, which you guys can just look up, it's RecordingNOWcom I reviewed headphones and using Amazon associates and other programs

– Headphones, too, I believe are one of the higher commission products – Yeah Mmhm – Because I've looked at Amazon affiliate links on the channel before and like certain categories paid better commissions, right? – Mm, yeah – Like I know video games it's like, very low

– It's low – It's like point five or one percent – Yeah, it's small – Headphones are higher, so it's kind of like you wanna make sure you're in a niche that's at least gonna be profitable you know? – Yeah Yeah, that's a really important tip

Because, see, with Amazon associates it's good for beginners because you can basically promote any product on Amazon However, the commission percentage is actually lower than most affiliate programs But you make up for it because the buyer has a lot of trust in Amazon as an e-commerce platform, and they're, chances are they're already a customer of Amazon, so they have their billing info, their credit card info, already there, so all they have to do is click buy So Amazon is good for beginners but if we're talking about making, like, huge commissions and like explosive income, you definitely have to go to other programs and like direct affiliate relationships with companies But it's a great starting point for beginners, especially

– Yeah, and so that's what you started your headphones site with, was Amazon affiliate links? – Yes, exactlySo I reviewed headphones, and these headphones were pretty pricey They ranged from like 200, 300, even 400 dollars and I would do reviews on these headphones And they would be honest reviews I would actually critically look at each headphone and say who it's for and who it isn't for

You know, because at the end of the day I'm more concerned about the consumer getting the right product Like I'm not someone who is going to say each headphone is the best headphone ever – Find the most expensive headphones, say "oh you've got to go buy this pair of headphones, yeah – Exactly, no No, I'm just trying to take people on my journey of trying to find the right headphones for me, and then just sharing that

And by me sharing that, it gives people information, it gives them value on what they are looking for, and you know if I give them this value, and then they purchase the headphones through my link, then it's just an exchange of value, so it's a win-win, again, for everybody – So, I've got a couple of questions for you But first of all, I know that you have interest in music to begin with, right? – Yes, exactly – So you didn't, I mean yes, headphones are a pretty profitable niche for Amazon, but you didn't just do that because it was profitable, right? – Exactly – You had a natural interest in it? – Yeah

– So like would you say somebody out there, should you just go, like say you wanna do that, you wanna have a blog, you wanna have Amazon affiliate links, should you just scroll through and find the most profitable niches or should you like start with what you're interested in? – I believe in starting with passion, to be honest with you I like, if we're talking about making money, then you have to look at like profitability, so that's like, you know If you're just trying to make money, like that's your goal, you have to go after things that are high-commission, high-ticket – Sure – Then you just have to go straight to the point

But the thing is, the whole reason that we're trying to make this money is to you know, live a lifestyle, right? And the problem is if you are in a niche and you're doing something that you don't love to do every single day, you're gonna burn out, and you're not gonna last – Yep – So, for me, I didn't do any market research on headphones, or the headphones market or anything like that – You just knew you liked them – Exactly

– And you were pretty knowledgeable on the subject to begin with – Exactly So I already had that, and I was like, you know what, why don't I just try this out, right? I was like, I found out about Amazon Associates, I already had a bunch of studio gear lying around, I was like I'll just do some reviews, throw the links up to see what happens So, that's basically my first foray into affiliate marketing and what got me hooked on it It's not what made me the most money in my affiliate marketing career, but it got me into the space and I was able to scale it up to a full-time income

– Sure And then, on that subject, because I know a lot of people like, they want to earn passive income or they want to get involved with affiliate marketing but they want to start making money tomorrow – Heh, yeah – How long did it, like what was your first, when was the first time you actually made any money from this blog Did it take a while? – It took a while, to be honest

I think there was a whole year where I didn't make a single cent – A whole year – I think there was a whole year, yeah – So that's like the thing too, and I talk about this with my, with a YouTube channel, so many people look at YouTube channels and they're like, that seems like a cool way to make passive income It's not super passive, but like, there's a lot of time spent where you're working for free, and like that's why you have to be passionate about what you're doing, because if you don't like it, you're not gonna do it for very long

And it's funny too, the whole headphones thing, I can remember when I was like 17 years old, I thought of that similar idea of like I'll just make, like I looked on Amazon, I figured out oh you can make a lot of commissions from these headphones, and I was like I'm just gonna start a headphone review blog and like I didn't know the first thing about headphones, I did it for like four days, and then I was just like I have no idea what I'm talking about, so then I just gave up on it – Yeah – So like, don't just try to go after something because it's profitable, you have to actually be like oh this is cool, I'll do this for free for a year and then make money from it So that's really interesting that that was your experience as well – Exactly

– Alright guys, so I have a couple more videos here planned with Odi, so if you guys are interested in learning more we're gonna be continuing this series, and then where would people go if they want to learn more about you? I know you have a YouTube channel but where else can they go if they're looking to learn more about affiliate marketing? – Yeah, Youtube would be the main source – Sorry, all the links are gonna be down in the description below for you guys – Definitely, yeah I have tons of free videos on YouTube, I also have a free course which we'll link below that you can learn more about the fundamentals of affiliate marketing and how to actually, you know, get started with it And then, you know, I have Instagram as well at ODi Productions where people can contact me

It is kind of backed up and I don't really respond to everyone, so just know that The best way to really just learn more about affiliate marketing from me is to just join the free course, I think – Sure – But you know, if you want to watch the YouTube videos, they have a lot of value as well – Okay, great

Alright guys, so keep an eye out for those videos coming up, and we'll see you in the next video! – Peace

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