Introducing Winclap: Smart mobile marketing strategy

October 9, 2018

Creating positive experiences for users is essential to develop successful marketing campaignsalthough sometimes it can turn out to become a complex job if you don’t optimize efficiently Today, app developers work with different technology partnersat the same time obtaining millions of data to analyze This makes very hard to understand the real quality of the users they acquire Analyzing whether a campaign is performing better in one channel or another

is complex when each channel uses different pricing models, creative formats and management platforms Winclap is the SaaS that centralizes all this information into a single smart platform RTP RTP is integrated to the main media channelssuch as Facebook, Google and the top Media Networks Our technology manages different pricing modelsinfinite creative formats to optimize app campaigns in real-time Its algorithm analyzes the main variables of those that respond to our clients’ needsand executes a fair price according to the quality of each user acquired Our team of RTP Specialists work very closely with our clients throughout the entire process of their campaigns They manage and optimize each media source running according to the key events of our clients' apps RTP also deduces which creatives perform better based on the essential elementssuch as colors, images and backgrounds

to give recommendations to our creative teamand develop new pieces that fit these needs Today RTP is helping our clients to sophisticate their marketing strategiesobtaining in some cases up to 60% budget savings

Source: Youtube