Measuring Your Nonprofit’s Email Performance

September 12, 2018

– Hello everyone My name is Lolly Ihrke and I'm a demand generation marketer for Blackbaud

Welcome to real-time marketing for boundary breachers It's critical to measure and understand campaigns so we can continually improve them Today we're talking about measuring email performance If you're like me, then emails are a big part of your marketing programs Let's talk about some specific data points, and how you can use them to improve your email program

First, open rates are about much more than a good subject line Consider the following questions if you notice a decrease in open rates One: did you use the right sender? Changing the sender can affect your open rate A celebrity endorsement or a trusted advisor can have a big impact Was your SPAM score low? Stay aware of the latest words being flagged by service providers, and avoid those words in your content

Three: are you sending too many emails? Know your audience and the information you are providing so you can gauge the proper frequency of your emails Next, while good writing leads to strong engagement as well as high click-through and click-to-open rates, here are some other questions you can ask to help improve these rates One: are you leveraging personalization opportunities? You likely have more information in your database than you realize Use this information to make emails personal and targeted Two: is your formatting hard to read? Bold fonts and colors are not always effective

Sometimes a simple template that is easy to read is the best approach Three: what is your call to action? Consider what you're asking your audience to do, whether it's a simple click to download an asset, or an invitation to attend a webinar Consider the level of commitment you are asking for and what impact it may have on your click-through rate Finally, everything we've talked about also affects your unsubscribe rate If you're not providing content that is engaging, easy to read and personalized, your intended receiver may opt out

Know your standard unsubscribe rate, and be sure to investigate emails that show an increase There are standard benchmarks on all these key data points, so start by comparing your rates with industry standards to get an idea of how you're doing Then, dig in to the things we've discussed today Thanks for watching, see you next time

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