Prebuilt Marketing AI Review – The truth about this IBM Watson AI

– Hey, guys, Michael Mansell here I wanted to come to you and let you guys know about Prebuilt Marketing

You know me pretty well by now that I don't do a lot of hype-ee videos, but I am getting pretty excited about this because I love technology When technology shifts, when technology changes, it creates a massive opportunity for everybody To be able to jump and be a first mover and shaker, be first to market with brand new technology And when that technology is inside of the social media marketing space, it's a big deal because there aren't a lot of game changers when it comes to social media marketing The ability to actually be the first to provide a service, the first to provide some brand new, semi-automated solution to business owners all across the world, regardless of what internet marketing, network marketing, brick and mortar business, you name it

If they want to bring more customers in their door, if they want to send more traffic, more people, more eyeballs to their websites, their sales funnels and you can be the one to bring that software to them, it's a game changer Well, that time is right now You guys need to check this out This is some software that is powered by IBM Watson You guys might not know what IBM Watson is all about, but this is a very, very powerful, algorithm computer, artificial intelligence software that some developers have actually tapped into

To not only learn the characteristics and the purchasing and buying patterns, and the, basically, I'm getting too technical But it basically boils down to this Watson learns Facebook marketing, personalities, buying traits over time, not just from your Facebook marketing campaigns, not just from your Instagram marketing campaigns, but from all of the marketing campaigns that are running inside of this software That is huge! There are so many other companies and technologies that have already implemented this system Take, for instance, Uber

Uber implements this type of technology because they look at the travel patterns of not just your needs, but of every single member inside of Uber that has taken advantage of Uber ride sharing They gather all that data and make their system better Another company that utilizes social information is a company like Waze Waze is an app you can download on your phone and you can see what other traffic situations are happening in your area, where the police are, where the speed traps are and they gather all that data from all the users across the world and combined it into one place and deliver it to you That is a little snippet and an idea of how this technology is changing the way that businesses market online, how they spend their money on paid traffic with Facebook and Instagram and other social media platforms because what Watson is doing for us is it's gathering the data of all those marketing campaigns and figuring out what's working, what's not working, what's the cheapest way to get clicks and what's highest conversion rate and we get to collect all that data from all the users and apply it to our industry

I don't care if your industry is real estate, insurance, internet marketing, network marketing, affiliate marketing, retail, you name it There are niches in categories inside of this app that will give you access to the data that you absolutely need in order to succeed in marketing online You need to take a look at this You need to click that button, you need to learn more, you need to get access to this app and take it for a test drive and see why it's so powerful And as time goes on, it becomes smarter and smarter and smarter, so getting it now is key

Don't hesitate on this Don't wait on this Getting it now is key because you guys can be one of the first to benefit from this crazy-good technology Of course, if you join through me, through my link, you're gonna get some extra bonuses, you're gonna get access to my private members website where I give you all the goods on how I'm applying this software, how my team and I are leveraging this technology, how you can get up and running with it very, very quickly and shortcut the whole system If you're considering purchasing this software from anybody, consider purchasing it through my link in the description of this video because you're gonna get so many additional bonuses to not just be a user of the software, but be a power-user of the software at no additional cost

You're gonna end up buying the software anyway I'm gonna be quite frank with you This software is going mainstream and you have the opportunity to be the one of the first to get access to it Once you've purchased it, just shoot me a message from the inside of your back office and let me know you purchased through my link and I'll send you a private link to get access to all of my bonuses and additional training, so we can 10x your business as quickly as possible – [Voiceover] Welcome to the world of the gig economy

Where millions of people's goals are to create multiple streams of income Whether people are waiting tables, Uber driving, or dog walking, one in three full-time workers has a part-time gig on the side There is nothing better than being your own boss Having a side gig is the first step to having the freedom to control your own life It's more than a hobby

It's an income-generating way to help pay bills and pursue your passions And if you do it right, this can eventually become your main hustle The options are endless with flexible hours, choosing when and how to work and how much money you can make To that end, we are excited to introduce you to the next big opportunity in the gig economy Prebuilt Marketing

Prebuilt is the future of social media marketing The only social media marketing technology powered by artificial intelligence, AI, that writes your content, builds campaigns for you and analyzes the results Just like Uber impacted the transportation industry, Prebuilt will revolutionize the way marketers, entrepreneurs and small business owners implement their social media marketing by using the power of AIM, Artificial Intelligence Marketing This new, amazing technology is only being sold exclusively through Prebuilt's Brand Partner Program Becoming a Prebuilt Brand Partner gives you the unique opportunity to build residual income in the gig economy

Prebuilt Brand Partners enjoy multiple streams of revenue made available from retail stores, team-building activities and more Furthermore, being a 1099 business owner allows you to claim deductions not available with your W2 income Getting any gig off the ground can take a lot of time, money and effort and can be difficult to put into action when it's your secondary focus Prebuilt Marketing understands these challenges This is why we provide an affordable start-up cost and easy-to-use marketing solution to help you drive sales and build your team

Every Brand Partner gets a Built-for-you Marketing Program that includes social media, texting, email marketing and the latest in customer relationship management, CRM Our program allows you to make money right from the start Start your side gig today with Prebuilt Marketing and get back to the Brand Partner that invited you to learn about Prebuilt Marketing (upbeat music)

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