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September 18, 2018

CLOSED CAPTION BY YOUTUBE! use time to make a lot of money in relatable selling now there's also a way you can use a hybrid of boot all right let's have some fun this is all are coming to you live from my Empire rose two deals what's going on what's going on so I've got a few things we're gonna cover but this video is about a question that I'm going to answer I've actually typed up the answer but I'm also gonna elaborate a little bit okay so let's get into it somebody says hey how much money would someone need for IVA this man's advertisement starting off in this type of real estate niche without my real estate wholesaling now right so for postcards and bandit signs etc etc' and typically how long does it take for someone to get their first real deal alright so that's about let me see here those are two questions okay those are two questions and what I want to do is I want to separate each one into two different videos so let's do what the first one and if you stay tuned to tomorrow or the next video after this you will find the other question just if you want to make sure you get the video just make sure you subscribe to this channel make sure you're subscribed to the channel or make sure you smash my like buttons make sure you share this video as well so if you know anybody that would benefit from it but let's go into less I want me to drive this home we're gonna be a little bit redundant so let me try to drive what I'm saying home until you start taking action and you start giving Resort and you start becoming your own success story in your own right alright so let's look at the question again how much would someone need for advertisement starting off in this type of real estate niche let's let's do that under the person mentioned so for postcards and buying this sign etc okay so I'm actually going to move this other question over here to the next to the next video all right all right so the answer that I gave here is it depends on your marketing strategy I personally prefer Facebook marketing that's targeting preferred zip codes that can cause that can cost you as low as $5 per day basically $150 per month I prefer 10 dollars per day minimum that's about 300 dollars per month okay now there are about five different marketing strategies out there that you know like bandit signs driving for dollars come some people swell up and down that drug for dollars is the right marketing strategy cold calling right direct mailing knocking on doors those are five most popular marketing strategies in real estate wholesaling okay but I have different reasons why I don't like each one of these five different ones okay Facebook marketing or any type of PPC marketing is fairly new okay and you know every time I get a comment about somebody does killing needs and other strategies I laugh okay there was just video that I I just saw by max Maxwell was another guy who was publishing a lot of good content and real estate wholesaling but there was a you know there's a point where in one of the video that I pointed out where somebody said they he asked somebody when dough on a carrot camp which is another platform investor carrot is a company that provides landing pages capture pages and things like that which I'm going to talk about later on in this week there are capture pages right so he asked this guy and he said what's the city and the guy said we spend a lot of money on marketing and then I think he now said we bring a lot of value to the table you know and when you say we spend a lot of money in marketing of course most people including myself every one of us human beings would be like oh my god I spent a lot of money but if we worried it a little bit different way as the guy continued to talk he said you have to find a way to bring a lot of value into the marketplace and I don't know if he said it exactly like that but that was exactly it was saying something to that exact effect and it's true if you don't bring value to the marketplace you will not make money so the way you bring value to the marketplace can be how much marketing you're doing how much content are you publishing on the internet or into the marketplace some people like to call it marketplace some people like to separate internet from marketplace well it's the same thing welcome to the digital world the marketplace today is the Internet okay there's nothing else okay we're all online and you're watching me on a cell phone or mobile phone right now yes and I am recording this with a mobile phone – okay and all those things are connected to the Internet I have a laptop in front of me my studio right here I'm just able to connect to the world and that's why I have 60,000 views on this channel and growing and we're just getting started – every average video is getting about 15 to 25 views so this channel is not huge but we're reaching a lot of people because different videos hit a lot of people with different people and what is called marketing how much that's what I'm able to generally eat the somme able to generate business by bringing value to the place so some people prefer to spend money okay some people spend to spend the money so you have two choices when it comes down to how should you market how should you be marketing how do you market in any niche not just this niche but especially real estate wholesaling okay you have two choices you have you can spend time or you can spend money okay and if you say if you have money to spend if you have money to spend you have to be careful you know because you can run out of money okay but time is something that very likely you're not gonna run out of anytime soon because lifespan is growing you know because thanks to science right so you have time if you have time to look at this video you have time to use time to make a lot of money you relate the whole selling now there's also a way you can use a hybrid of both time and money and that's the part where the gurus have nothing on you okay the truth is that when it comes to spending money to market and to generate seller leads to generate buyer leads when it comes down to that you cannot outpace the goose because they have a lot more money and they already creating results than you and so the one thing you have all of them is time so now if you depend too much on just time you may be there for a long time that's not you know that's not aggressive enough but if you really want to get aggressive you use a hybrid of time and money so let me explain that to you what that looks like so with technology you're able to learn something new okay the time you spend on luncheon learning something new is how you invest time into yourself into your craft and that's how you get ahead of the game not just the game on the side of newbies but even on the side of the gurus because one thing that most gurus don't have enough office time because it's just hard to take time out of something that's already working and put it into something that's completely brand new so technology how do you use technology how do you use social media how do you use Facebook PPC Facebook marketing how do you use that how do you spend as low as 10 $5 per day and generate leads how do you do that you learn it okay you learn it and you start using it okay now so you're using money because it's gonna cost you five to ten dollars per day maybe the education is gonna cost you something too when you spend money on education you're invested in yourself the number one thing you can anywhere you go in the world number one asset that you want to invest in so you can grow is yourself and if you don't do that you have yourself to blame and your result is not gonna show basically and if you try to compete with gurus and spending so much money in marketing you're going to fail because you are basically fighting a losing battle and you say yeah you're gonna lose that battle that's the bottom line right but there's something that they can't really beat you at and that's how much time you have to invest in so sometimes why people say driving for dollars it's almost wanna sound like you're investing time but that's not necessarily true you're investing your brakes on your call you invested gas okay and and that's not the best use of your time considering there's a better way to invest your time because there's something called Facebook marketing you can spend 300 dollars per month 150 dollars per month and you can basically position your value your ads we buy houses your offer you can position that in front of your old zip code any zip code you want in the United States okay for as low as five to ten dollars per month okay so it's just a matter of where do you send this traffic right that's where things like carrot comes to play with you or if you learn a simple way that I teach on the inside how to put a simple capture page together without having to spend ninety seven dollars per month or $50 per month you don't have to spend that much that's just the honest fact okay really what you really need to get good at this create an exposure and being put in position to receive the calls when you start getting calls or be receive being being big positioned to receive the leads and being able to reach out as soon as you can that's really what this game is about that's how you lock properties on the contract and that's our believe it or not that's how you generate even some of your best buyers list because the buyers are also looking at ads from actively marketing wholesalers am I making sense here so bandit signs I mean you basically as to get in $1,500 tickets from the city with that driving $400 it's not the best use of your time in my opinion considering that we have better technology today code calling you know that's basically positioning yourself for failure because you're gonna get enough rejections to kick you out of the game that's just the way it works if you can get through that sure you know but again it's not the best use of my personal time from my opinion direct mailing that's how I started back in 2005 that's how I did all the deals that I did and it worked but it's overpriced right now you are basically competing with the goose and you cannot spend that kind of money without again running out of money and knocking on doors not the best teacher for time you know nobody appreciates you knocking on their door as a stranger in 2015 16 17 18 20 25 50 it's becoming more and more obsolete it's not the best use of your time why would you want to knock on stranger doors when you could use Facebook as cheap is cheaper in terms of time money and kind for you to learn that skill and put it to work and when I say Facebook it could be any type of PPC Facebook is just kind of like it's still fresh right now and if you want to dominate the online space nobody is wait nobody is competing with you in that zone and your message is your message and the two secrets to win it in this game or any game of entrepreneurship is consistency and the second secret is positioning yourself for consistency see the other strategies you can try to be consistent if you're consistent in any of those strategies you will win but the second secret is usually missing which is positioning yourself for consistency right so if you start cold calling right now today if it was me if you're like me I'm basically positioned to fail because I know that after three four or five days of trying that I get tired it's not the it's not exciting you get some negative feedbacks and that kills your spirit because nobody likes rejection I don't you don't know I'd like that and is be coming harsher and harder to sustain that in the digital age so the two secrets consistency and positioning yourself or concept position yourself in a way that it's easy to be consistent and in my opinion the best way to do that right now is Facebook Facebook PPC now I have some videos out there that I've run using search engine optimization one of the search engine optimization is a digital marketing strategy but it doesn't position you for consistency okay it gets tiring you know because hoopty for the scripture says Hope deferred makes the heart work that's all of us this nature of mankind so if you're not getting results fast enough if you don't have some kind of momentum and clicks at least so you can see some clicks people are clicking on the ad if you're not getting that if you're not seeing some kind of numbers wrapping up it gets tiring to the heart and you as only a matter of time before you quit some people quit some people most people quit okay there's too many people since 2005 that I've known this game too many people have started and quit because they are not positioned for consistency so whatever marketing strategy you choose just make sure your position for consistency okay you want to be consistent but being consistent is not as simple as being consistent you want to be positioned into a place where it's easy to be consistent because you're seeing some momentum you're not spending too much money you're not out spending yourself in marketing budgets you're not wasting time on things that's just burning you up or burning your car up and things like that those are things you should really think about before you choose before you decide to choose a marketing strategy so how much money would you also need for advertisement starting off I say have at least 300 dollars per month okay if you want some momentum but you can do as low as $150 per month and if you come on on the inside I'll show you how to dispose how to allocate that funds for proper marketing and especially positioned for consistency that's what I'm all about my message is not all that sexy probably may not be all that sexy but it would definitely position you to win and if you choose to scale you can scale up and scale down as fast as slow as you need to so you can remain consistent while everybody else gets burnt up in the business and then eventually with the business all right so that's what I have for you on this episode make sure you download the book smart realistic Oh sterling calm if you're brand new here is smart real estate wholesaling calm and hopefully even enlighten and educated smash that like button smash the subscribe button and smash the bell right next to the button and I'll see you on the next one peace

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