Should I Advertise on Facebook?

September 12, 2018

you're watching duct tape and popsicle sticks with Mike and Maria Keiser because sometimes you feel like your business is being held together by duct tape and popsicle sticks on this show you're not gonna hear the latest business bag you're gonna get useful information that you can apply to your own business right now hi everyone thanks for watching another amazing episode of duct tape and popsicle sticks I'm Mike Keiser along with recently crowned Connecticut cow tipping champion Maria Keiser well I mean it's a big deal in this state I don't know if many people know about the famous cow tipping competitions super famous you have to just take our word for it um hey thanks thanks everybody for joining us we really appreciate it and today we're gonna address a question I don't know we only hear this like a hundred times a day a lot something something like that and it's a big one so we can only address a piece of social media today but the question we're gonna address today is is Facebook marketing right for my business now we always promise three minutes at a time this is gonna take a little bit longer and we're still not even gonna scratch the surface but we do need to talk about it because about 40% of small businesses are currently marketing on Facebook but less than half of them say they're getting new business from it so the question always comes up do I need to be marketing on Facebook now we're gonna go through like five points or so I'm gonna let you address the Marya but I guess the first one is what are your overall social media goals because on Facebook people will mostly see your stuff but they don't always necessarily do anything with it right well right well it does depend on what your goal is and so is your goal for them to take an action or is your goal for them know you exist so those are two very different goals do you want them to read your article let's watch your video do something like that or do you want them to click here to buy a widget so in in some cases like if you were a hairdresser various book would be a great place to advertise your business because people would say oh yeah let me make an appointment with so-and-so but maybe if you have a service like mine you might say well that's really interesting but I'm not on Facebook to do that right now you know actually let's go there for a minute done because um part of it will definitely be are you b2b are you b2c are you a service business are you a product business so yeah right like I'm like a maid service a hairdresser so b2b would be business to business yeah b2c would be business to consumer exactly exactly right and you know for a b2b it can help you generate leads and can generate interest it's a great place to share content um can be good for brand recognition for b2c it can be a little bit high in the sales funnel meaning people might not be seeing it exactly when they're ready to buy it but it can also be good for brand recognition so to go back to what you were talking about is is your audience on Facebook and do they do they buy things from Facebook well I mean sometimes they do and I know I bought things from Facebook so you know it's about targeting your audience who you know it goes back to what we talked about before who buys from you and what is their thought process so if what you sell is an impetuous Buy and it's not very expensive then Facebook might be a great place for you to advertise if what you sell is more of a service that requires a face-to-face meeting then you might want to consider Facebook for more of a branding thing that went when people need something they can remember oh yeah I saw that they put this article or they posted this video and they're pretty consistent about it let me go back and revisit this yeah right and so would you also say then in addition since Facebook really does help you interact with your audience and people love when they hear back from the business owner or back from the CEO so wouldn't another question be is it helpful for your business to interact with your audience or is it does that not really matter to you're sure right if I'm buying razors I might not need to talk to the the people at the company to help me buy it I just bought a razor and that was it but maybe if I am trying to find a marketing company or hire a business coach or hire an attorney I'm probably not going to just click here to buy plus they don't really need to look any further for a marketing company but that's the beside the point you know it it's also pretty inexpensive to experiment with Facebook advertising right and so that's another you know if you're wondering if it's gonna work if you think your audience is on Facebook you don't have to spend your life savings to try and see what you get out of it but another point I want to make and you might say oh it works or it doesn't work it's not exactly so cut and dry so another thing Facebook advertising or even social media advertising will do for you is it will help in your search so the more you put out there the more you are on all these different places when people are looking for your specific thing you are going to show up so it will help you organic search even to just be be a presence on all these different yeah that's that's exactly right so you know I I feel like we could just go on forever and I think you know we may make a little bit of a series I don't know specifically around social media marketing but I don't want to totally break our promise of time today so well I suppose if you have more questions that's fantastic give us a call we can have a conversation and we can have the conversation more specific to you yes call us email us we would love to talk specifically to you about your business for a few minutes talk about your marketing your marketing priorities your marketing goals that would be great something else obviously you'll see our contact information here otherwise I would love to go on all day but I think we have to wrap this one up here the billion so we really really appreciate you hanging out with us we love hearing the positive feedback please share these videos if you're getting value from them in the meantime you've been watching duct tape and popsicle sticks where we make your business better three minutes at a time now you're watching duct tape and popsicle sticks with Mike and Maria Keiser

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