Youtube Affiliate Marketing: Easy Way To Earn $125+ A Month (For Beginners)

In this video, I'll show you how I make an average of $125 in passive income each month from a handful of simple Youtube videos I'll tell you about the 5 steps I took to set this up, and how you can do it as well, even if you have minimal experience and no money

In the start of 2017, I was trying out some new things in order to gain experience and (hopefully) set up more income streams One of them was affiliate marketing on Youtube At that point, I'd already had some success with building a branded channel for one of my blogs However, I wanted to try a different, more passive approach as well What if I published a handful of videos on popular topics, optimized them as well as I could, placed affiliate links in the descriptions and just left them there? With no buyer keywords or preselling whatsoever, would I even get any sales? Well, here's what happened

My game plan was quite simple — it consisted of 5 steps: 1 Find a good product on Clickbank 2 Search for popular Youtube videos in the product's niche 3

Create a bunch of similar, but higher-quality videos 4 Place affiliate links in the descriptions of these videos 5 Wait for them to rank (and, hopefully, start getting commissions)

Pretty straightforward Still, there's some important details you should know about Let's go through each step, and I'll tell you more about what I did and how it all went Step 1: Find A Good Product On Clickbank Before you start creating content for affiliate marketing, you should first check if there's any offers available to promote For this little side project, I decided to check Clickbank

In order for this to work, the Clickbank product had to: Be in a niche I could make videos about Have a higher-than 20 "gravity" score Come with a professional sales page And, of course, be of decent quality After scanning through Clickbank for a few hours, I finally found a prime candidate

Step 2: Search For Popular Youtube Videos In The Product's Niche Next, I went to Youtube to look for successful videos I could model For this project, I was looking for videos that: Were related to, or in the same niche as, the Clickbank product I could easily produce a series of People would tend to share and re-watch Had a high average view count

Contained unoriginal content, yet were never taken down for copyright I could re-create with similar or better quality I first started typing in keywords associated with the Clickbank product After a while, I found a couple of "maybes", but nothing too great Finally, after some time spent browsing through the suggested videos feed, I found exactly what I was looking for

Step 3: Create A Bunch Of Similar, But Higher-Quality Videos As soon as I found the right videos to model, I began the creation process Here's everything I used make my videos: Various footage and small clips from other Youtube videos Free stock photos A few clips from Videoblockscom (already had a subscription)

Creative Commons music found on Soundcloudcom As you can see, I spent exactly $0 Timewise, it took me about 1-2 hours to edit together each video — I ended up making 11 of them All in all, this little side project cost me no money and only 15 hours or so to complete

To increase the videos' chances of ending up in the "suggested" feed, I copied a lot of tags from other popular videos (using the "Youtube Keyword Hack" explained in this video) Step 4: Place Affiliate Links In The Descriptions After the videos were fully rendered and uploaded, I went ahead and added the affiliate links I didn't just add the raw URL's, though Instead, I bought a domain on Namecheap that was related to the niche of the Clickbank product I then made a new WordPress install on my Bluehost account, and made some clean-looking links with the plugin "Pretty Links"

This plugin lets you create a custom link (using your domain) that redirects to another address — in this case, the affiliate offer I was promoting So, instead of my links looking like this: They looked something like this: Much more clickable, don't you agree? When that was sorted, I added them to the top of every video description, along with a short call to action (If you don't want to buy a domain, you can at least shorten your affiliate links by using "bitly" for free) Step 5: Wait For The Videos To Rank I had already decided not to spend any time promoting the videos on social media, forums etc

My other e-ventures were much higher on my priority list So, after I optimized the titles, descriptions, tags and thumbnails, I shifted my attention elsewhere After about a week, I checked the analytics As I looked through the numbers, I felt a bit disappointed If you're experienced with Youtube, you'll know it takes a while for brand-new channels to gain any momentum Still, with all of my 11, high-quality, keyword-optimized videos, I barely averaged 30 views a day And, worst of all, not a single person had clicked on my affiliate links! The next 2 weeks showed similar results But then, one month in, I noticed a sudden burst of views on two of my videos

71, 138, 261 views And it just kept more or less doubling as the month went by Finally, in the start of June, it came The spike of all spikes — 1306 views in one day! By the end of the year, my videos were getting a total of 1000-2000 views every single day And, best of all, people were finally clicking on my affiliate links Just a few days after the big spike in views, I got my first affiliate commission I already had some experience making money with other Clickbank accounts Nevertheless, I had created a new one for this little project of mine, and this was my first sale on it

That's always a good feeling On the 14th of June, 2017, I received my first weekly payment from Clickbank — $23144 Not exactly life-changing money Still, as mentioned, I hadn't paid a single dollar to make the content, and I only spent around 15 hours total

With that in mind, getting this so quickly was encouraging My videos more or less kept their rankings throughout the year, resulting in a pretty consistent flow of extra income Unfortunately, there were a fair bit of refunds, but that's to be expected when you don't do any preselling whatsoever Remember, all I did was put a link in the description of my Youtube videos Plus, my call to action didn't directly mention buying

Because of this, most people didn't know what to expect when they clicked it After all the Clickbank costs and refunds had been accounted for, I earned $75256 from my little Youtube channel in the last 6 months of that year That boils down to an average of $12524 of extra income each and every month

Again, not really mind-blowing numbers However, considering how little effort went into it, and that I did absolutely no additional work after that, I felt good about it As I'm making this video, it's the start of October, 2018 So far, the Youtube channel has given me $116243 in affiliate commissions this year

When we break it down, we get an average of $129 per month In other words: Really stable results! That means that I've already earned $1915 from this quick little project of mine — and there's definitely more to come Was it worth the 15 hours or so of editing, optimizing and uploading? I'd say so All in all, this was a fun side project that validated some earlier observations and taught me a few lessons: Point 1 It takes time to grow a new channel

During this project, my earlier experience with Youtube was more or less repeated For the first month, all my videos were pretty much dead in the water It takes time, usually 1-2 months, before the algorithm starts picking up your brand-new content If you're completely fresh to the game, don't give up if you're not seeing progress right away Just look at this graph: Assuming you're publishing high-quality, optimized content, your videos will start getting more views eventually

As with all other money-making strategies: Persistence is key, so hang in there! Point 2 Even though cold Youtube traffic can be easy to get, it converts REALLY poorly All things considered, almost $2000 in profit isn't too shabby However, in theory, if you'd get the same 700 000 views on a series of product review videos, for example, you would be making some serious bank (And you could monetize those videos as well, since it's original content)

But that was part of the deal with this experiment, after all I knew it would be much easier to get views if I made some trendy videos with a broader appeal However, the affiliate sales will then obviously be much, much lower

This is because the average viewer has no intention of buying anything (or even clicking on links) when they're watching these types of videos Point 3 I could easily have done more to earn more If I wanted to invest more time into this, I could have created a landing page, a lead magnet, and built an email list This would let me warm up viewers before sending them to the sales page

Also, I could have followed up with them later by using an autoresponder — possibly leading to more sales If you want to do something similar to what I did, and maximize your commissions, I suggest you go through these additional steps Once it's all set up, it can be just as passive as the Youtube videos themselves Point 4 Targeted traffic is POWERFUL

This kind of ties into point number 1 Looking at all the views my channel got compared to the affiliate commissions, one thing became clear: The difference between targeted, warm traffic and unfocused, cold traffic can be astronomical This obviously varies between niches and products, but consider this example: In the end of 2017, I did a video review of a newly-launched digital product and posted it on Youtube I gave a short call to action at the end, and added an affiliate link in the description With just 0ver 9000 views, that video gave me $542 in affiliate commissions

Compare that to the 1900 I made from almost 700 000 views Of course, the review video took some effort to make, but still — the difference in money earned per view is simply huge So, despite the nice passive income, this method has a really poor conversion rate compared to regular marketing strategies

With that being said, it's: Very easy to set up Requires little-to-no money Requires little-to-no experience And is completely passive after the initial work has been done Also, you get the opportunity to learn more about the inner workings of Youtube and affiliate marketing — without committing to anything big

So, do you want to give this a shot yourself? If so, remember the 5 steps I told you about I've covered all of these steps already, but I can give you a bit more info about number 2 I won't reveal my videos here, since they still make me money However, to make things easier for you, we'll look at a prime example of what I'm talking about Keep in mind that I haven't tested the following niche myself, so I can't promise that it'll work for you

With that being said, as long as the criteria are met, you should be able to make some money Now, I want you to look at this Youtube channel This is not an official channel belonging to any basketball organization, such as the NBA It's actually ran by one or more people from Australia The entire channel is built upon taking clips from other sources and mixing them together with minimal editing

Many of the videos get hundreds of thousands, if not millions of views And, yet, the channel has not been taken down for copyright infringement How come? The truth is, certain rights holders do not issue copyright strikes in the majority of cases Instead, they let most of the videos stay up, but lay claim to them This way, they get to put their commercials on the videos, and all the money generated from Youtube ads go to them

So, the one who's running this channel probably doesn't earn much, if anything, from regular Youtube monetization If you pay attention to the descriptions of their videos, though, you'll notice something An affiliate link, right there! And you can find it on pretty much all of their newer videos

So, this person is sending lots of traffic to an affiliate offer, using nothing but unoriginal content That's what I'm talking about — one of your links could be placed there In this case, since we're talking about basketball, you could easily promote the Clickbank product "Vert Shock" — a popular jump training program related to basketball Just look at all the views these videos have: If you created just a handful of videos that got this kind of exposure, you could make some good extra income Could YOU make a channel like this? I bet you could

There are no secret shortcuts when it comes to making money online Persistence, goal setting, constant improvement — all of it is needed if you want to succeed in the long run The best thing you can do is to build something that lasts — something that's yours With that being said, the method I've shown here could be a great entry point if you're a beginner (or if you just want to try something new) You probably won't get rich by doing this

Still, as demonstrated, you can definitely earn some nice extra income

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